April 19, 2012

Okanagan artist to make Wild Food

Foodie gets green light for TV series

By Steve KiddTracey Kim Bonneau got some very good news this week.

Wednesday, the Okanagan artist, filmmaker and documentarian got word that one of her most ambitious projects, a documentary travel food series, had been approved for production by the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.

“There were only three shows accepted for the 2013 season and Wild Food was accepted. I officially have a television series,” said Bonneau, who was also recently recognized for her ongoing work in the Media Arts Award at the Okanagan Arts Awards.
And:“That’s the type of work I have done in my career to create a greater understanding of who we are as indigenous people from a different perspective; saying ‘we’re talented, we’re creative,’” she said. “The other part is breaking down the stereotype. What images do you see of yourselves doing great things? That’s why I got into television.”

Wild Food weaves together all those threads of Bonneau’s life. And it all came together when Bonneau’s doctor told her she was pre-diabetic. The doctor told her that if she didn’t take care, she would develop diabetes.

“What I found in my research is that diabetes is killing First Nation People faster than alcoholism,” said Bonneau. “For me, I have always produced stories to make things better. I am not an idealist, I am a realist. If we can get the facts out there in a sensitive, moving way, it might change someone’s thinking.
Comment:  For more on Native food on television, see Apaches in No Kitchen Required and Preview of Growing Native.

Below:  "Multimedia artist Tracey Bonneau just got word that her new TV series, Wild Food, has been given the green light by Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. The Okanagan artist, filmmaker and documentarian plans to begin filming, with an expected $1.3 million budget, by June 2013." (Steve Kidd/Western News)

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