May 11, 2010

White girls play Indian at powwow

Adrienne Keene of Native Appropriations posted this item on Facebook:

When Non-Native Participation in Powwows Goes Terribly WrongFriday afternoon, Stanford powwow--one of the largest powwows on the West Coast. Three Native powwow committee members and a friend are checking in on the vendor booths, making sure things are ready to go, and they come across the group pictured above. 6 non-Native girls, decked out in warpaint, feathers, fringe, and moccasins--playing Indian at its worst.Comment:  These are pretty mild as Indian costumes go. But they give Adrienne another chance to talk about her favorite subject. <g>

For more on the subject, see Why Hipster Headdresses Aren't Okay and Indian Headdresses at Coachella.

1 comment:

m. said...

Fucking disgusting and shameful. Then again, people like this have no shame. Even at a powwow...there's just no escape, no avoiding idiocy and no time to relax and forget about the stupidity we're faced with while amongst outsiders. I wonder when all the non-Native people who think this is okay will get even bolder and start showing up on our reservations dressed this way. *sick*

I don't even like to swear, but this deserves it.