October 28, 2013

AIM protests "Redskins" in Denver

'Redskins' Are Set to Lose as Public Awareness Grows

By Carol BerryColorado activists confronted Washington fans and players with signs, handouts and slogans as they protested the name “Redskin” at the Denver Washington NFL football game yesterday. The activists blasted the Washington team’s name as racist and outdated as they marched outside Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

“We are here today to tell Washington owner Dan Snyder that his brand of racism might fly in D.C., but when the team comes to Denver, it is going to get push-back from Native people and our allies,” said Glenn Morris, leader of the American Indian Movement.'

The AIM, Idle No More and Denver activists protested against the team’s mascot with loud chants, “Hey, Dan Snyder, you can’t hide, you are on the racist side.”

Dozens of red signs calling on the Washington team to “Change the Mascot” were held aloft for the players to see as they walked by an area outside the stadium that was packed with police.
'It's always been about the hatred of Indian skin': Native Americans, allies protest Washington Redskins in Denver

By Simon Moya-SmithHundreds of people rallied in Denver on Sunday to protest the name of the Washington Redskins and to send a message to team owner Dan Snyder that the nickname is derogatory to Native Americans.

Two Native American organizations, American Indian Movement Colorado and Idle No More Denver, began the demonstration Sunday morning as the team prepared to kick-off against the Denver Broncos.
And:Tink Tinker of the Osage Nation and a professor of American Indian Cultures and Religious Traditions at the University of Denver, told the crowd that the issue demonstrates a history of racism toward Native Americans.

"It's always been about the hatred of Indian skin," he said.
So much for the asinine claim that white liberals are manufacturing this controversy and leading Indians by the nose. Why don't you walk to an AIM member and say it to his face? "You don't care about racism against your people. You're just doing this to be politically correct."

Whenever conservatives claims liberals are behind the name-change movement, which has been going on for decades, they're either ignoramuses or liars. Probably both.

Pelosi agrees with Obama

Meanwhile, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi is the latest high-profile person to come out against Washington's ethnic slur of a nickname:

Redskins should change name, Pelosi says

By Mike LillisRep. Nancy Pelosi believes the Washington Redskins should find a new name.

In an interview with The Hill, the California Democrat said it “probably would be a good idea if they change the name.”

The House minority leader is the latest politician who has embraced a name change. President Obama earlier this month said he would “think about changing” the team name if he owned the football team.

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