October 17, 2013

Mi'kmaq protest against fracking

RCMP bring 60 drawn guns, dogs, assault rifles, to serve injunction on the wrong road

After van, main blocker removed the night before, RCMP seem hell-bent for violence in early dawn encounter with Warriors[W]ith tensions now becoming highly escalated between the encroaching line of police in the field adjacent to the encampment and the Warriors now on a public dirt road, two officers approached Seven Bernard, chief of the Warrior Society. They attempted to serve Bernard with SWN's contentious injunction. Dozens of guns from all angles were pointed at all of us.Police in Riot Gear Tear-Gas and Shoot Mi'kmaq Protesting Gas Exploration in New BrunswickChaos has erupted as Chief Arren Sock and council members from Elsipogtog First Nation are among at least 40 people arrested by riot-gear-clad police raiding a Mi'kmaq blockade protesting shale gas exploration in New Brunswick.UPDATE: Mi’kmaq Resist! 6 RCMP Cars Torched, Fracking Equipment ConfiscatedAs of the time of writing this, six RCMP vehicles have been torched, and melees of stones have been hurled in response to tear gas, plastic bullets, and pepper spray from the RCMP.RCMP, protesters withdraw after shale gas clash in Rexton

40 arrested, 5 police vehicles burned but no one seriously injured in violent clashNative protesters against shale gas fracking in Rexton, N.B., have mostly dispersed after a day of clashes with RCMP officers who moved to enforce an injunction against a blockade, prompting a violent reaction in which five RCMP vehicles were burned and 40 people arrested.

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