October 26, 2013

Two Amazon Indian comics

O Fruto--Roteiro de Rafael Corrêa e Desenhos de João Azeitona

The Fruit...apparently a short story casting pre-Columbian Amazon Indians as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eve. Eating the forbidden fruit brings the evils of the Spanish conquest.

Interesting idea, but it ends up blaming the victim for being victimized. The Spanish would've came and conquered whether the Natives ate the fruit or no.

El Despertar De La Bestia

A beast attacks an Indian village in the early Spanish era. But it's just a dream...or is it? Perhaps the Spanish adventurers are the real beasts.

The art and stories on both of these look decent. I imagine the Indians are presented generically and superficially, with no real culture. But the portrayals seem positive; the Indians aren't headhunting cannibals.

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