October 05, 2013

Sexy "Tonto" on Dancing with the Stars

Someone tweeted about this bit on Dancing with the Stars (airdate: 9/30/13), so I checked it out:

Bill Engvall Dancing With the Stars Paso Doble Video 9/30/13

By Annemarie FraserBill Engvall and professional dancer Emma Slater: dancing a Paso Doble. Bill had this to say about his dance, “Well we are back in rehearsals learning the Pasa Doble. I have no idea what that is. Wonder if it is served with rice and beans.”

Judges comments: Carrie Ann: “You nailed the Paso, you came out and all your moments were in sync.” Len: “When I was a kid and I love Lone Ranger, if you came out on his horse I would have given you a ten, it was your best dance.” Bruno: “It was like being in an opera house, I love it.”
Fan favorite exits 'Dancing With the Stars'

By Ann OldenburgBill Engvall played the Lone Ranger for a paso doble with partner Emma Slater. "I am thinking about dance steps 24/7. ... It's real stressful," said Engvall, who had to keep comedy tour dates this week while also rehearsing. But, he added,. "I want to win this!" he said. His paso to the Lone Range music made for a dramatic dance that earned him raves from the audience and the judges. "Hi ho, Engvall!" said host Tom Bergeron when they finished. "You nailed the paso!" said Carrie Ann. "You must have rehearsed the poop out of that routine." Len said it was his "best dance." Bruno said, "So much attack!" Scores: 8, 8, 8 = 24.Comment:  If you didn't watch the video, Slater wore a buckskin-style mini-dress with fringe and feathers, and a headband. In other words, she was dressed as a Pocahottie.

No one made any cracks about Tonto or Indians, but Slater still was imitating a well-known Native character. On a popular network TV show, no less.

Shows like this are how most people learn about Indians. And what do they learn? That Indian women are sexy and anyone can dress up as one. That being Indian is nothing more than putting on a Halloween costume. And perhaps that real Indians don't exist anymore, since we never see them in such shows.

It's one more in an endless series of images portraying Indians as primitive people of the past.

For more on Indian women as sex objects, see Responses to Sleepless Entertainment's Cosplay and Young Native Fashion's "Squaw" Line.

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