October 20, 2013

Fighting Indian Stories #1

Midget Comics #1 (Fighting Indian Stories)--Matt Baker coverMidget Comics v1 #1 (Fighting Indian Stories), 1950--An Indian raises his tomahawk to strike, just as another arrives to the rescue (presumably). Matt Baker's cover is capably designed and illustrated, leading the reader's eye from the masthead to the helpless victim. Native American-inspired patterns, icons and hand drawn letters further enhance the cover's appeal. Only two issues were published in this smaller format (about 5x7), both in the western genre.

Redskin #9, April 1952.

Comment:  These are two of the many comics that featured "fighting Indians" in the 1950s. Indeed, you could say the phrase "fighting Indians" was redundant, since fighting is the only thing Indians apparently did.

From the cover of Redskin #9, we can't tell if the "redskin" is a hero or a villain. Either way, he's a savage: a half-naked warrior whose presence is defined by a physical attack.

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