October 30, 2013

SF Chronicle drops "Redskins"

The San Francisco becomes the biggest media outlet (I think) to banish the word "Redskins."

S.F. Chronicle to stop using 'Redskins'

By Hadas GoldThe San Francisco Chronicle will stop using the name "Redskins" for the Washington, D.C., NFL team, managing editor Audrey Cooper confirmed to POLITICO.

"Words are powerful, and so is how we choose to use them," Cooper said in an email. "Our long-standing policy is to not use racial slurs—and make no mistake, 'redskin' is a slur—except in cases where it would be confusing to the reader to write around it. For example, we will use the team name when referring to the controversy surrounding its use."

Cooper said she doubts any regular reader of the Chronicle or website SFGate.com would have noticed the choice to use "Washington" instead of the team name, and that they are choosing to use another word that "accurately describes what we are writing about."

According to reports, the change was announced internally on Oct. 25.
The Chronicle's own explanation of the change:

On not using epithet for NFL team's nickname

A report tallies the number of media outlets banning the name so far:

Redskins Boycott: 76 Media Outlets and Journalists Oppose Name of Washington NFL Team

Comment:  These decisions are sending a powerful message about what Americans will and won't accept in polite society. They're helping to ratchet up pressure on Dan Snyder, the Redskins, and the NFL.

What will these businessmen do when hundreds of media outlets refuse to use their name? Nothing? No, they'll bow to the pressure and make the right moral, political, and economic choice.

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