October 31, 2013

Elsipogtog protesters beaten, insulted

Although the fracking conflict between Mi'kmaq protesters and the RCMP is over for now, there's still the aftermath to consider:

Mi’kmaq Warrior Society members say they were beaten, roughed-up after arrests

By Jorge BarreraTwo members of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society say they were roughed up and beaten by RCMP officers and jail guards after they were arrested following a heavily-armed raid on a Mi’kmaq led anti-fracking camp in New Brunswick earlier this month.

Jason Augustine, Warrior Society district chief, said he was kicked in the head by an RCMP officer after he was cuffed and arrested during the Oct. 17 raid.

Augustine said he was later diagnosed with a concussion at the hospital in Moncton, NB.

“I was kicked in the head three times when I was taken down,” said Augustine. “I wasn’t resisting arrest, I had my hands behind my back, and this one RCMP started bashing my head in.”
RCMP investigating officer who uttered slur during raid on Mi’kmaq-led anti-fracking campAn RCMP officer involved in the Oct. 17 raid on a Mi’kmaq-led anti-fracking camp in New Brunswick is under an internal investigation for saying “Crown land belongs to the government, not to fucking natives.”

An RCMP spokeswoman said the force was informed of the statement on Oct. 18 and immediately sent the officer home and he is now the subject of an internal investigation.

“This type of behaviour is unacceptable and is taken very seriously by the RCMP,” said Const. Jullie Rogers-Marsh.

Rogers-Marsh wouldn’t say whether the officer was suspended.
Comment:  For more on Elsipogtog, see Murphy: Natives Dismiss Canada's Generosity and Media Frames Elsipogtog as "Clashes."

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