September 16, 2008

Canadians ignorant about Aboriginals

Aboriginal Canadians:  Collaboration or Confrontation?In survey after survey, 76% of Canadians acknowledge they know next to nothing about the history, circumstances, issues and challenges facing Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and another 5% acknowledge they know absolutely nothing about Canada’s Aboriginal citizens. With over 250,000 new immigrants coming to Canada each year and 10’s of thousands of “visiting employees” being recruited each year due to a current labour crisis, I wonder how much information is being shared with these “new” newcomers to Canada about our Aboriginal people. I have asked and the answer is a polite shrug of the shoulders.

This lack of understanding between cultures and about diverse Aboriginal cultures--in a country that prides itself in the eyes of the world on being multicultural--has led to ignorance, stereotyping and full-blown racism. The isolation, separation, segregation and marginalization of Aboriginal peoples by geography, law, legislation and policy is an ongoing and ineffective process that must end. And end soon.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see The Essential Facts About Indians Today.

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