September 16, 2008

Non-Native gods = waste of time

Demise of Tlingit Natives is ReligionIf only Alaskan Native Tlingits in Southeast Alaska spent only half the time learning Tlingit culture, our traditions and our history, instead of wasting our time learning about Non-Native Gods and churches. We would know what Clan, Tribe and house we belong to. We would be better off in today's society.

Look today at the divisions caused by religion amongst Tlingits in your villages. It is not just Tlingits, I see divisions amongst Haidas and Tsimshians people, and I will not speak for them. We have 141 years of history that shows the demise of our Tlingit Culture, caused by Non-Natives brainwashing and assimilation by Non-Natives that God is the way. Non-Native religion has single handedly exterminated Tlingit Culture as we knew it.

Sure we know bits and pieces, but we should know our Clans, Houses, Language, History, Protocol and Tribe. Do you know where your Tlingit origins came from? Do you have a Tlingit name? Do you know your Clan? Do you know your Tribe? Is your Clan House or Tribe discussing problems in your village? Do you think that Sealaska Corporation is a Tribe and represents your Clan? Are you happy with your life? If you can't answer one of these questions it was caused by Non-Natives ramming religion down our throats and trying their best to assimilate us into Western Society and a way they stole our Tlingit lands and all our natural resources in the name of religion.

I was brought up Catholic in Ketchikan, even in my young life with that church I didn t believe any stories they were teaching, even though I didn't know why. What a waste of time in my life.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Hercules vs. Coyote:  Native and Euro-American Beliefs.

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