September 01, 2008

Q'orianka's Hawaiian epic

Princess Kaiulani’s World Premier at Hawaii International Film Festival in OctoberPrincess Kaiulani is the official title of the film about Hawaii’s Princess Kaiulani which had become a lightning rod of controversy with its tentative titles of The Barbarian Princess and then The Last Princess. The title was finalized soon after the movie wrapped this summer. The poster can be seen at

The $9-million film written and directed by Marc Forby appropriately will have its world premier at the Hawaii International Film Festival in October.

Here’s Matador Pictures synopsis of the story:

“1888, the Kingdom of Hawaii is divided by a bitter civil war. Princess Ka’iulani, the young heir to the throne, is suddenly forced to flee the home she adores and move to England where she finds an altogether different life--one where she is not considered royalty. As she grows up and adapts to her new life there, she falls in love with the rebellious but sweet-natured Clive. At the tender age of 17 she receives the devastating news that the Monarchy has been overthrown and her aunt, the Queen, arrested. The young Princess must choose between her true love and the responsibility that comes with her title. Learning what it truly means to be a nation’s Princess, Ka’iulani makes it her mission to restore her kingdom and travels to America to win the hearts and minds of the people.”
Comment:  Interesting to ponder the connection between the stereotypical title The Barbarian Princess and the choice of the non-Hawaiian Kilcher to play the title role. As you may recall, we discussed the casting issue with Marc Forby in Pocahontas the Hawaiian Princess.

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