May 10, 2009

Raccoon & Crawfish wins 18th award

‘Raccoon & Crawfish’ takes top animation prize in Las VegasThe Las Vegas Film Festival, held April 9–12 in the city known as the entertainment capital of the world, selected “Raccoon & Crawfish” as the winner of the Best Animation prize, making it the 18th festival win since it entered the festival circuit more than a year ago.

The Las Vegas Film Festival win joins the list of other top animation prizes that “Raccoon & Crawfish” has garnered, including the Moondance International Film Festival, known as “the American Cannes,” and the Okanagan Film Festival in British Columbia. It was also screened at the renowned Cannes Festival in France in May 2008.
Comment:  This cartoon debuted about two years ago. It's about time for a follow-up, no?

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Anonymous said...

never heard of it.. -Cris

Rob said...

You would have if you had been a regular Newspaper Rock reader. Anyway, you have now!