November 04, 2010

Bloomberg halfheartedly apologizes

Bloomberg half-heartedly apologizes for racist remark

By Rob CapricciosoAfter months of outrage from Native Americans over a perceived racist comment, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg apologized in a way that made it appear some Indians weren’t offended by his words.

“I don’t know that there were very many Indians offended. If they were, I apologize to them. Nobody intended to do that,” Bloomberg said to an audience gathered for a Harvard panel discussion focused on the midterm elections Nov. 1. MSNBC hosts moderated and spoke at the forum, and portions were featured on the network.
And:Bloomberg’s mea culpa came in response to a question from student Lise Balk King, who was in the audience at the event and asked a question during a session that was being taped by MSNBC. She has previously served as a journalist for Indian news outlets.

“I asked the question of Bloomberg in an attempt to get an apology by giving him the opportunity to re-state his position, especially in light of his now famous remarks on the right of Muslim people to have a ‘community center’ near Ground Zero,” Balk King said.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Halbritter:  Indians Must Speak Up and Paterson Criticizes Bloomberg's Remarks.

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dmarks said...

Too many half-hearted apologies. like Steele's for his comment. once and future Governor Brown calling Whitman a whore. Rahm Emanual referring to the mentally handicapped as "f***ing retards".

I can't recall the last time there was an honest and sincere apology over something like this. Perhaps when Don Imus made his statement.