October 20, 2009

APTN pilot about time traveler

The Time Traveler--APTN pilotDate: Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Time: 9:00pm-10:00pm

A potential brand new sci-fi drama on APTN. It is the year 3012. Thanks largely to the practices and wisdom of indigenous cultures, humans have finally learned to live in harmony with the environment. In some ways humans have attained a utopian society. But despite this, and despite fantastic scientific advances, the human race has become an endangered species: a mysterious flaw in human DNA has caused widespread, encroaching infertility. However, a small, renegade group of people have discovered the one solution to this devastating problem disappeared from earth over a thousand years ago. Luckily, time-travel is possible in this amazing future, but there is a catch: time-travel is illegal, forbidden, and punishable by death.

Nevertheless, a brave young woman named Nikki (played by Elitsa Bako) decides to travel back in time to find a rare strand of DNA that will save her dying world. In present day Toronto, she meets Jackson, a free-spirited urban-Aboriginal guy who is down on his luck (played by Meegwun Fairbrother). Nikki and Jackson really click and she is able to convince him that she’s from the future and that she needs his help. Together they set out--joined by Jackson’s cousin from the Rez (Waawaate Fobister). As she searches for the mysterious, life-saving DNA, Nikki discovers that she was not the only time-traveler who beamed to Toronto on this day—she’s being followed—and she quickly discovers that she is a pawn in a sinister game and her life is in danger. In order to save her people, she has to save herself.
Comment:  I don't know if this pilot is any good, but it sounds like the kind of show we need more of. Namely, Indians in modern stories and settings. Not in the distant past or on a distant reservation. Not struggling to "walk in two worlds" with the help of a wise elder.

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