October 23, 2009

Breaking Wind airs on college football

The Breaking Wind blows into a prime time spot

By Babette HerrmannThe Breaking Wind, an unsigned teen band from Caledonia, Ontario, Canada breezed right into prime time when ESPN and ABC played a portion of their song “Dear Mr. Murphy” for an on-air teaser, prior to the kick off of Saturday Night Football, Michigan vs. Iowa Oct. 10.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Marty Isaacs, 17, described hearing the song for the first time during the pre-game spot as “surreal.” Isaacs composed and arranged the song for their debut, self-titled album released in June.

“‘Dear Mr. Murphy’ could work a lot with different action shots,” he said. “It works perfect for football because there’s a lot of tackling, and lots of hard hits in the song and different rhythms.”
Comment:  The article adds that "Johnson and Isaacs are enrolled members of the Six Nations Reserve."

Below:  "The Breaking Wind recently had its music featured on ESPN and ABC Oct. 10. The band consists of, from left, Ryan Johnson, bassist and back-up vocals; Marty Issacs, lead vocals and guitar; and Ryan Mickeloff, drums."

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