September 28, 2010

Cameron tours oilsands

Cameron trying to keep open mind about oilsandsCanadian-born filmmaker James Cameron toured Syncrude's oilsands facility near Fort McMurray, Alberta on Tuesday, trying to keep an open mind about an industry that he worries is destroying the environment.

Cameron began Tuesday morning by touring the oilsands area by helicopter. He was then joined by Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner for a tour of a reclaimed mine, which is now a wetland known as Bill's Lake.
And:Later, the Oscar-winning director travelled to the community of Fort Chipewyan, where he listened to the concerns of those people living downstream from the oilsands, and how the industry has affected their health and the health of the water they fish.

"I want to hear what's on the mind of the people of this community," Cameron said after landing at the community's airstrip. "Find out what concerns them about health issues and fish and wildlife issues, any of the environmental impacts that are associated with the tarsands."
Director to help with oilsands litigationFilm director James Cameron has promised to help people in Fort Chipewyan fund possible litigation against the government over oilsands development in northern Alberta, according to the local chief.

"He didn't express the fact that how much he would be able to contribute, but he did express the fact that he will help in some way," said Allan Adam, chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.

Cameron met leaders and community members in the northern Alberta community, located downstream of oilsands development, on Tuesday afternoon as part of his fact-finding mission.

Adam said Cameron will either help raise funds or contribute some of his own money. The chief said the litigation could cost $1 million to $2 million.
Comment:  Glad to see Cameron's commitment to indigenous issues continues.

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