September 18, 2010

My visit to a mosque

In which I bravely enter the lion's den to see if I can uncover any plots against America.

King Fahad Mosque--September 18, 2010

For more on the subject, see Bigots Protest Brown-Skins on 9/11 and Conservative Bigotry Against Islam.


dmarks said...

"When you DON'T see the terrorists, that's when you should start worrying!!"

Yeah, it's the invisible ones who'll get ya!

Burt said...

"Invisible" Dmarks?

How about defining terrorism by "acts" as opposed to current political and cultural populism?

Ever heard of the expression, "wolves in sheeps clothing" Dmarks?

dmarks said...

Well, you defined terrorism by claiming that listening to phone conversations was itself a terrorist act.

I do define terrorism entirely by acts, not political populism.

Burt said...

If terrorism begins by stripping away personal freedoms such as illegal phone tapping, how is this not a set-up and prelude for acts that lead to acts of terrorism?

If you remember your history Dmarks, the Nazis began their reign of "terror" against the Jews by small "acts" and even anti-semitic "legislation" which led to all out kicking in doors and pointing guns in your face and executions.

How are you so dense to reality, or cause and effect when it comes to American history?

dmarks said...

"How are you so dense to reality, or cause and effect when it comes to American history?"

You will have to show me an example of it. Rather than go into hissy-fits on tangent like the one about me not respecting Native rights because I mock the JFK assassination hoax.

Burt said...

You seem obsessed with JFK and hoaxes Dmarks.

You can tell alot about a man that uses the phrase "hissy-fit" over and over again.

Lets move on to some real discussion instead of your 8th grade level of reading and lack of creative writing skills.

Burt said...

DMARKS asked:

"You will have to show me an example of it!"

When you read this line Dmarks, that is the CAUSE, when you "discover", (assuming you have the intellect and mental capacity to do so) and register the fact that your mind provides some function, that is EFFECT!

Put a gold star by dmarks name, he just used his mind or, he is having a HISSY-FIT?

dmarks said...

Care to try again, but this time say something of substance?

dmarks said...

And the JFK hoax thing was yours. You insisted again and again that you believed the fiction.

But what was really silly was that you linked having critical thought patterns (and thus rejecting the beyond-Oswald fictions) with disrespecting Natives.