September 24, 2010

Lakota swim from Alcatraz to shore

Documentary on Lakota Alcatraz program will be shown in state

By Melanie BrandertAlcatraz isn’t just a prison. It was also a symbol of freedom for five South Dakotans.

A San Francisco pediatrician with South Dakota ties has splashed a light on the plight of poverty and lack of healthy eating choices on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and a program she created to help fight it.

Dr. Nancy Iverson produced and directed “From the Badlands to Alcatraz,” which chronicles the journey of five young Oglala Sioux tribal members who take part in her Pathstar program that culminates in a swim in San Francisco Bay from Alcatraz to the shore.

Iverson said via e-mail that she knew the story better than anyone else and wanted to share the vision of the impossible becoming possible. She said she wants viewers to be awestruck with the bay’s beauty and heroism of each Lakota participant.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Documentaries and News.

Below:  "Alkapoane White Calf, an Oglala Sioux tribal member from Pine Ridge, swims from Alcatraz to San Francisco for the Pathstar Alcatraz swim program in this 2005 photo. Dr. Nancy Iverson, who has South Dakota ties and is program founder, produced and directed a documentary, From the Badlands to Alcatraz, based on the program’s experience." (Submitted photo)

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