September 28, 2010

Miss Oklahoma USA is Cherokee?

About Heather CookAs Miss Oklahoma USA and 3rd runner-up to Miss USA, Heather Cook has appeared in front of state-wide audiences as a motivational speaker and Master of Ceremonies as well as attending fundraisers, ribbon cuttings, press events and sports and entertainment celebrity events (with the likes of the Dallas Cowboys, Reba McEntire, Toby Keith and many more).

Heather was also a spokesperson and volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Special Olympics as well as an Honorary Ambassador of Goodwill for Oklahoma City.
And:Heather is a family oriented mother who was married for over 10 years and has a charming 7 year old son. She is an American Indian with Shawnee and Cherokee heritage.

Her Cherokee lineage has been traced back to the early 1700s when her great (many times over) grandmother Letica Durham Howard married John Howard on the Cherokee Nations Reservation in Wilkes County, Georgia.

Heather and her son are registered, card carrying members of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation in Georgia.
Comment:  The only problem with this is the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation in Georgia isn't a federally recognized Indian tribe. Oops.

For more on the subject, see Trafficking in Tribal Membership and More Than 200 "Cherokee Tribes."

Below:  Heather Cook has been named the fifth "Face of FOX Toledo."


Anonymous said...

The eastern band of the Cherokee Nation in Georgia is not federally recognized nor is it even a state recognized tribe.

If anyone remembers, several years ago the Cherokee Nation formed a task force to deal with all the phony Cherokee tribes and they put out a list of all the fraudulent tribes. And guess who's on the fraudulent list? Yep, you guessed it, the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation Georgia. Another prime example of thievery.


dmarks said...

Why thievery? Are they robbing banks too?

dmarks said...

If there's any thievery involving Natives here, it is something that Burt has mentioned elsewhere; whites being descended from those who stole land from Natives. But this makes these white wannabes no more less thieves than any other white person.

Rob said...

For more on the subject, see Fake Tribes Dilute True Culture.