September 14, 2010

Jesse Ed Davis played with Beatles

Post-Breakup Beatles in LA

Part 2 of NBCLA's "Rock 'N Roll Treasure"

By Tara Wallis-Finestone
Inside the photo albums are documented proof of what Beatles fans have only read about in books and magazines: the biggest rock stars in the world were still working, playing and at times even living with each other in Southern California in the early 1970s.

"All of them were very good friends and always kept in touch," said Daley.

Daley was the ultimate rock 'n roll insider. Her boyfriend at the time was Jesse Ed Davis, the go-to guitarist on nearly all the Fab Four's solo albums.
Comment:  In All About Jesse Ed Davis, we learned Davis was a full-blooded Kiowa who played with a lot of famous musicians. But the article didn't say anything about his playing on the ex-Beatles' solo albums. Kind of a strange omission.


Burt said...

Jesse Ed Davis III (Sep 22, 1944, Norman, OK to Jun 22, 1988 in Venice, CA) was one of the most popular session guitarists who toured with Conway Twitty at 16 and one of his last collaberations was with John Trudell on the "Graffitti Man" album.

It is definite that he was Kiowa, but depending on who you talk to or what you read, he is also claimed as being Cherokee, Comanche, Seminole and Creek.

He played on George Harrisons, "Extra Texture" album and is even introduced in the film "The Concert for Bangladesh" film as a backup guitarist covering for a sick Clapton (interview 1973), whom shows up eventually. He also played on two of Ringo's albums, "Goodnight Vienna" and "Ringos Rotogravure" and most famously, was a part of John Lennons lost weekend period playing on Lennons' "Rock and Roll" and "Walls & Bridges" albums, as well as Harry Nilssons', "Pussycats" release (hear his rendition of Bill Haleys "Rock Around The Clock" guitar licks and you'll see why Lennon spotted him at the "Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus", another film he is in with Taj Mahal!

There are bootlegged outtakes from those years that we can find if we do our research, but if you want to know more about one of the most legendary native guitarist of contemporary music, he can tell you himself in a 14 minute interview with B Mitchell Reed he did back in 1973. This interview can be found on his last solo album, "Keep Me Comin' (Bonus Track). If it does not say "Bonus Track", on the CD, chances are the interview is not on the CD. I have both copies, out of print, of course, from Japan!

What I liked about Davis is that he was very versatile as a musician. From his country roots and association(s) with Levon Helm, Leon Russell & Emmy Lou Harris, to his folk music with Buffy St Marie and Gene Clark (The Birds), his blues with Taj Mahal, John Lee Hooker and Albert King, his rock with Lennon, Rod Stewart, Jackson Browne and Eric Clapton, and lastly, his jazz guitar on his own "6:00 Minute Bugalu".

There is much more info on Jesse Ed that I can share Rob, but not enough space here,

Burt said...


Jesse Ed Davis birthdate is SEP 21st 1944, not the 22nd.