September 12, 2010

Studio X Productions on Hopi rez

Success is the name of the game for Studio X Productions

By Tyler TawahongvaOn a recent afternoon in the village of Kykotsmovi, Studio X Productions owner Lawrence Mendoza was under his canopy selling his hats, shirts and CDs to passers-by. This exemplifies his simplistic approach to business, which is to go out and do whatever he can to promote Studio X Productions.

The business started out of his mom's house as a recording studio, but today, Mendoza boasts a full-fledged production company with recording artists from as far away as California. He sells merchandise from these artists and promotes concerts in Flagstaff as well. Some of the artists he promotes are Latino hip-hop acts such as E-Shawn and Lighter Shade of Brown.
Comment:  Mendoza is not only a Native rapper, but one located on the Hopi rez, where people supposedly focus on tradition and religion. That means more stereotypes busted by the reality.

For more on Native rappers, see Litefoot's Four 2010 Releases and Nooksacks Rap About Rising Above.

Below:  "Lawrence Mendoza of Studio X Productions." (Tyler Tawahongva/NHO)

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