September 20, 2010

Coast Salish statue in Tacoma plaza

Statue unveiling brings Puyallup Tribe, Tacoma together at Tollefson Plaza

By Kathleen CooperThe calm eyes of a 20-foot native welcome figure now look out from one of downtown Tacoma’s most vexing spaces.

In a moving, two-hour blessing ceremony Saturday, the face of the open-armed female carved in Coast Salish style was unveiled before almost 300 people at Tollefson Plaza, next door to the Courtyard by Marriott on Pacific Avenue.

“After we are all long gone, she will be still standing here, facing the sunrise,” said Bill Sterud, a member of the Puyallup tribal council who emceed the event.

“This is so much more than a piece of carved wood or art,” he said. “It’s no secret that the relationship between the tribe and the city of Tacoma hasn’t always been friendly.”

But “this statue is a symbol of shared peoples,” he said.
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Below:  "Denise Reed of Tacoma, a member of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, listens to speakers Saturday during the ceremony for the traditional cedar figure, background, at Tollefson Plaza." (Janet Jensen)

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