September 28, 2010

LSU tailgaters play on mounds

LSU tailgaters win over preservation at Indian moundsLess than two weeks after LSU announced plans to block off 6,000-year-old Indian mounds on football weekends to protect them from traffic, it took down the barricades.

The Indian mounds on the LSU campus are believed to be over 6,000 years old.
Comment:  I trust readers know my position on sites such as this one. I say we should treat them as hallowed ground akin to American cemeteries.

Ironically, a commenter who called himself "Johnny White Dude" was just telling us how Americans generally respect Indians. I guess you're totally ignorant about stories like, Johnny?

Children are using the "Please do not slide on the mounds" signs to slide on the mounds--presumably with their parents' approval. That's about how much most Americans respect Indians. Duh.

For more on the subject, see White Christians Say What's Sacred and Oxford Mound Is Gone?

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For more on the subject, see LSU Mounds Protected from Football Fans.