September 11, 2010

Bigots protest brown-skins on 9/11

San Juan group to protest Indigenous American 9/11 event

By Brittany LevineA group that opposes illegal immigration plans to protest Saturday in San Juan Capistrano as a Latino community group and an American Indian tribe host an Indigenous American Festival that will include a ceremony commemorating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

At 9:11 a.m., CREER, a local Latino outreach organization, and the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation, plan to begin their sixth annual Indigenous American Festival at Historic Town Center Park with a tribute to those who lost their lives in the 2001 attacks on Washington, D.C., and New York.

Tony Brown, leader of the group SJC Americans, called the planned event "disrespectful" and said Friday that his group will hold a peaceful protest at the park beginning at 9 a.m.

"They plan to celebrate ethnicities that willingly separate themselves from our American culture on a day of American unity and national mourning," Brown said in a news release.
Comment:  Here we see the bigoted mind at work. For starters, illegal immigrants = Mexicans = Latinos = Indians. There's no distinction between them. They're all bad because they're brown-skins.

These brown-skins are being "disrespectful" just like the Muslims who want to build a "mosque at Ground Zero." Just like women, blacks, and other minorities who have acted too "uppity." "Disrespect" is a code word for "You don't seem to understand that white male Christians rule America. We give the orders and you obey our commands."

And the big crime committed by Latinos and Indians? They "separate themselves" from other people. In other words, they have their own beliefs and values--their own cultures. They don't think and act exactly like white Christian Americans.

Forget all this nonsense about America being the bastion of liberty where everyone can live and worship as they please. That's true only if you choose to live and worship like "real Americans." You know, people like George Washington, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and other icons of white supremacy.

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Below:  "Real Americans are descended from the Pilgrims, pilgrim."


dmarks said...

Ronald Reagan, the supposed icon of white supremacy....who gave amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens, and whose policies led to strong growth of the African-American middle class during his 8 years.

Sure, George Washington counts as white supremacist. As does Thomas Jefferson. Which of the two men is officially honored by the Democratic Party, and is used in their emblem? I'll give you a hint: it is the one who did not order his slaves released.

Burt said...

Sometimes I wonder if perhaps 911 did more to bring the nation together than anything else. Does it take a national emergency to bring America together?

And I still question the validity of Bin Laden himself. Does our government, medias and political machine have the power and will to manufacture this man the way Lee Harvey Oswald was?

I think someday in the future we might find that 911 and our wars were orchestrated alot more than we think, but I am not completely into conspiracy, I just do not believe all or any of the information we get from the media be it TV or newspapers.

911 was a game of marbles compared to the trauma and devastation our nation has imposed on the world over the last century, . . . . . and continues to do, all in the name of profit for a few.

Those that benefit from war and destruction are not Muslims and Christians at heart, but are think tanks made up of the rich and industriuous who prey on the ignorance and fears of the working class and poor devout to their faiths just the same as those whom divide by partisanship calling each other liberal or conservative.

We are all the same to the defense industry and Dick Cheney.

Christianity has been backseated by a more dangerous and violent theocracy, Islam. At some point America was gonna anger the wrong people and stir up a hornets nests.

I do not buy the argument that Ronald Reagan was an icon of white supremecy. No white supremacist would sign a gaming act for American Indians that would lead to tribal casinos, racism works against economic development for minorities.

dmarks said...

Lee Harvey manufactured himself.

Are you one of those who believes in JFK conspiracy theories?

Burt said...

I find more comfort in being "one of those" that questions his government rather than "one of those" that believes everything he reads or sees on the news!

Do you know what your federal government is capable of dmarks, or are you just happy with the feed farm?

dmarks said...

Suit yourself, but the "alternate" theories of the JFK assassination are up there with UFO, the living Elvis, and orgone energy. No evidence at all. And that's a cold hard fact. You've been lied to, and you bought it hook line and sinker.

I'm not happy with the feed farm, and have learned to reject it when someone tries to feed me fiction.

GENO said...

"They're all bad because they are Brown-skin"

So we else does Rob the hypocritical nutcake sees as "bad'??? If one hates "Brown-skin" folks, surely he hates Blacks, Asians, Muslims and White women too?
Does mean that Rob the hypocrite is a White Supremacist too? I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is "AYE!".
Maybe the SPLC and ADL should create a profile on Rob the hypocrite.

Given to Rob's bizarre obsessions with writing about a proud ethnic group, the Indigenous of the U.S. Its seems that Natives truely frighten him. Which is why he pretends and acts as a arcane defender or spokesholes for the entire Native community.

Rob, bash Natives all you want. Most know it, that deep down inside, you're no different from Ward Churchill or Yeagley.

David Yeagley=Ward Churchill=Rob the hypocrite. Akin to low life boneheads covered in swastika tats.
They're all "bad" Lol.

dmarks said...

Geno: You need to read just a little more slowly, or you might keep missing things. Rob, when he apparently said that brown-skinned people were bad, was actually paraphrasing Tony Brown as part of a strong condemnation of Brown's views. Not support.

Burt said...

It is sad you can wholeheartedly speak for me dmarks. You should allow me to actually state what I believe instead of saying I bought it, HOOK, LINE & SINKER!

Where in my writings did I say anything specific about Oswald other than him being used by the CIA?

Why call names and bring in all the rant about UFO's and Elvis. Are we all adults here?

Did it ever occur to you that I may have worked in intelligence with the armed forces, or are you one of those people that know everything already without learning something new?

Don't be so combatant and argumentative dmarks, its a big world that has been around much longer than you and I.

dmarks said...

The letters UFO have as much to do with Oswald as the letters CIA do. That is, it is all hoaxes that hook the gullible. Imaginary. Learn some critical thinking skills.

Burt said...

Thats not what critical thinking is dmarks, you are always rushing to judgment.

It is obvious you have never had to deal with the feds and in stating that, you cannot possibly be Native American. I bet you have never even been to a soveriegn Indian reservation in your life. How does this not make you, Dmarks, any different than Churchill, whom you claim has no Indian bloodlines?

How do you easily rule out all probabilities without thinking first, its like your political views as well.

You have tunnel vision dmarks!

dmarks said...

I am not rushing to judgement. In three instances, you have shown a lack of critical thinking and judgement by buying into long and variously-disproven "theories" about Ward Churchill really being an Indian, silly JFK assassination ideas, and proposterous "9/11 truther" drivel. Come on, it doesn't take much to think and not be fooled by this.

" cannot possibly be Native American".

Now you are getting insulting, perhaps racist, implying that if I were Native, I'd be stupid enough to believe this.

You really have no idea what you are talking about. I suggest you start by looking into what real Indians (as opposed to someone who is defined by you to be Indian by being stupid enough to believe hoaxes) say about Ward Churchill.

AIM says of him:

"The sorry part of this is Ward Churchill has fraudulently represented himself as an Indian, and a member of the American Indian Movement, a situation that has lifted him into the position of a lecturer on Indian activism. He has used the American Indian Movement’s chapter in Denver to attack the leadership of the official American Indian Movement with his misinformation and propaganda campaigns.

Ward Churchill has been masquerading as an Indian for years behind his dark glasses and beaded headband. He waves around an honorary membership card that at one time was issued to anyone by the Keetoowah Tribe of Oklahoma. Former President Bill Clinton and many others received these cards, but these cards do not qualify the holder a member of any tribe. He has deceitfully and treacherously fooled innocent and naïve Indian community members in Denver, Colorado, as well as many other people worldwide. Churchill does not represent, nor does he speak on behalf of the American Indian Movement."

dmarks said...

Re: AIM quote Indians aren't stupid and gullible like you make them out to be. More than other folks, they tend to look closely and resent it when some white fake like Ward Churchill goes around and says he is Native.

And you will lose your bet. I've spent a lot of time on many reservations. Or is there a catch with your term "sovereign". Are you using this as some sort of personal code-word to refer to wannabe tribes?

As for tunnel vision, I do refuse to be distracted by pink unicorns and other chimerae when I drive through a tunnel. The only possibilities I have dismissed are the resoundingly disproven ones.

Burt said...

Now you are quoting AIM? And you seemingly believe I am undermining ALL natives?

Did you know AIM has divided chapters and seperate leadership?

C'mon Dmarks, calm down and take a deep breath, which is more ignornant and racist, to think natives are either subhuman or superhuman? Or just plain folk that are capable of error and mistakes?

Mr. Churchill is the last wannabe you should be going after.

There are plenty in that crowd. Which reservations have you visited lately Dmarks, at least have the honesty to share your "tribal" membership with us all here, I have!

Rob said...

How and where does the Democratic Party officially honor Thomas Jefferson? And what's the emblem with him on it? I thought the Democratic emblem was the donkey.

Rob said...

Yes, Geno, let me help you with your reading comprehension skills, since they're obviously lacking.

The first sentence of a paragraph is usually the thesis statement. It tells you what the paragraph is about.

In this case, the thesis statement is, "Here we see the bigoted mind at work." The rest of the paragraph carries out the stated purpose. It explains what the "bigoted mind at work" is like.

To state what was obvious to everyone but you, "They're all bad because they're brown-skins" is an example of "the bigoted mind at work." Not my mind, dummy, the bigoted mind. Do you get it now?

The next time you have trouble reading plain English, try asking what it means first. Otherwise, I may do more than merely mock your ignorance for the whole world to see. I may delete your comments as a stupid waste of time.

Burt said...

I guess what we all would like to know here dmarks is, why isn't that AIM statement signed by someone and which chapter does said AIM person belong to?

If this makes you eat your own words, maybe it is you that are gullible.

Why are you going on about UFO's?

You kind of remind me of Glenn Beck with his "Nazi" fanaticism. Everytime he gets backed into a corner, or at the conclusion of every argument, the words "Nazi" or "Hitler" arise, . . . a fetish perhaps dmarks?

dmarks said...

To answer Rob's question:

"Jefferson-Jackson Day is the most common name given to the annual fundraising celebration (dinner) held by Democratic Party organizations in the United "

Burt: You seem to equate believing in disproven JFK and 9/11 theories with supporting Native rights. That's a big mistake. It's not connected to any Native issues.

"C'mon Dmarks, calm down and take a deep breath, which is more ignornant and racist, to think natives are either subhuman or superhuman? Or just plain folk that are capable of error and mistakes?"

What does that have to do with anything?

I mention UFOs because there is as much support for them as there is for theories of anyone's involvement in the assassination of JFK other than Oswald. The theories have the same validity: none.

"You kind of remind me of Glenn Beck with his "Nazi" fanaticism. Everytime he gets backed into a corner, or at the conclusion of every argument, the words "Nazi" or "Hitler" arise, . . . a fetish perhaps dmarks?"

I only reserve this description for actual antisemities. There, the usage is quite apt. You have yet to back me into a corner.If there is any fetish here, it is the obsession with hating Jews, as exemplified by the Plainsman troll who sounded a lot like Pat Buchanan at times.

"Now you are quoting AIM? And you seemingly believe I am undermining ALL natives? "

No, you are not doing that. But it is odd that you seem to connect belief in disproven hoaxes to support for Native rights.

There's no connection.

"There are plenty in that crowd. Which reservations have you visited lately Dmarks, at least have the honesty to share your "tribal" membership with us all here, I have!"

What does this have to do with your assertion? Is it your point that Natives are more likely to fall for hoaxes like the JFK theories? Why did you even bring it up?

I will share my tribal membership, though. I belong to the same Native tribe as Rob Schmidt and Ward Churchill.

As for AIM, they are just one of the many sources that laugh at Churchill's fraudulent claim.

dmarks said...

Here's yet another:

Or this statement from Susan Harjo of the Morning Star Institute:

""...that she knew WC [Ward Churchill] when he surfaced in Boulder as an Indian of several other tribes before he settled on Cherokee/Creek/Metis, and that she never bought into his assertion that he was an Indian of any kind; 2) that another of the 'judges in Bellngham, Washington shared her concerns, and another, a woman from Canada, was on a scholarship at the University of Colorado and living with WC and his wife; 3) that she has heard WC claim that he provided firearms going into Wounded Knee in 1973; and 4) that she overheard WC tell another white man ... that he was an expert witness in the Bernard Escamillo trial in Council Bluffs, and that she called one of the men associated with the trial that said WC was not a defense witness, but that he recognized WC's name as a prosecution witness... From the way she relates a story, it could go either way...but it is a lead to follow tht might have documentable clues about not only what but who WC is."

dmarks said...

And more for Rob... another official honoring of Jackson by modern-day Dems:

From the Page County Democrats:

"Senator Jim Webb ran for the U.S. Senate in 2006 on a platform of “Jacksonian Democracy,”....Last week, Senator Webb was invited to visit Andrew Jackson’s home, The Hermitage, and received the “2010 Andrew Jackson Presidential Award for Citizenship and Leadership. The recognition honors national leaders who embody the legacy of Andrew Jackson ..."

Burt said...

This is not about natives anymore Dmarks, its about you and I.

You keep trying to compete with Ward Churchill as a wannabe, but he already has you beat.

You want Susan Harjo and AIM's opinions about Churchill to stand, but is that the best research you can do?

Did it ever occur for you to ask the man himself so you can end or begin, your infatuation with being native?

You should be directing your angst at Mayor Bloomberg for his remarks instead of picking on a man you claim, has no seat on the council of the great wannabe nation!

Don't worry Dmarks, you'll get there. Someday you'll qualify for being a voice for some natives and cause a great stir for our plight.

I guess your aficionado for 50's sci-fi and giant spider movies does qualify you in the "fairy land" expertise. I'm done with trying to convince you otherwise.

Rob said...

Your original comment was about Jefferson, DMarks, not Jackson. And I still don't see any emblem.

People have asked Churchill about his tribal heritage before, Burt. He's offered false or contradictory claims and refused to say anything more.

For more on the subject, see: