October 01, 2010

LSU mounds protected from football fans

Indian Mounds to be fenced again

By Jordan BlumAfter meeting with LSU archaeologists and anthropologists this week, the administration decided to erect temporary fencing that would be removed after each football game day.

“It’s fantastic that the entire LSU administration and faculty and students are combined in support for the preservation of the mounds,” said Patrick Hesp, LSU geography and anthropology department chairman.
And:Hesp insisted the fencing is only needed on game days when the overflow crowds lead to too many people trudging on the mounds at once. Such heavy traffic can cause permanent damage to the mounds, he said.

Early in the week, LSU faculty had complained they felt abandoned when the university administration opted to remove the ropes and poles protecting the mounds.
Comment:  I say fence them off permanently. At least put a rope around them to discourage children from trampling on them.

If the kids strangle themselves on the ropes, it'll serve them right. Tell them to heal themselves with their free-market healthcare.

In other words, zero tolerance for the destruction of irreplaceable Indian artifacts, artwork, and sites.

For more on the subject, see LSU Tailgaters Play on Mounds and White Christians Say What's Sacred.

Below:  "Children used 'Please do not slide on the mounds' signs as makeshift sleds on the LSU Mounds prior to the LSU-West Virginia football game." In other words, kids show the typical American's "respect" for Indians. (Heather McKillop/LSU)

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