February 01, 2011

Lonehunt attacks Indians

As you probably don't recall, I got into a tiff with someone named Dominique Vantell Lonehunt last year. I noted the conflict here:

We Are the World for Natives?
Rob = moral police?!

Lonehunt flamed me for a few days on the NativeCelebs page on Facebook, where I contribute. Then he returned to whatever hidey-hole he came from and I forgot about him.

A couple of weeks ago he suddenly attacked me again. This time it was on the Native Citizen News Network (NCNN) page on Facebook. This page appears to be a faux "network" run primarily or solely by Lonehunt.

Why the renewed attacks? I imagine it's because he Googled himself:

Dominique Vantell Lonehunt

And found my postings as the no. 1 and 2 hits. They're a bit lower now, but still...you can see how this would upset him. Too bad for Lonehunt: If you don't want my criticisms to be the top-ranked hits for the rest of your life, you'd better not antagonize me.

Anyway, I went to the NCNN page, corrected Lonehunt's idiotic mistakes, and put him in his place. I also challenged him to tell people his real name and tribal affiliation, if any. He refused to answer these questions--presumably because he couldn't without embarrassing himself--and continued to attack me.

As far as anyone can tell, "Lonehunt" (probably a phony "Indian name") is a young Afro-Caribbean man who fancies himself a musician. Perhaps he found a Taino princess in his background and declared himself a Native for that reason. So far there's zero evidence that he's anything but a wannabe.

Lonehunt lashes out

Then it got interesting. A few of my Facebook friends went to the NCNN page and defended me, questioned Lonehunt's identity, or criticized Lonehunt for his vitriolic language. He began attacking these people too. Indians who challenged him were sellouts or fakes; non-Indians who challenged him were wannabes or exploiters. He even attacked some of his own NCNN "fans."

I didn't play close attention, but I believe he attacked about a dozen people, including some well-respected Indians. Like a rabid dog, he was impossible to reason with; he immediately bit anyone who tried. His language was profane, racist, hateful--probably enough to get him banned from Facebook.

His last (?) attack on me was on the mild side, since he didn't call me a Nazi this time:Rob Schmidt Is A Propaganda Specialist To Keep Youth Depressed & Define People While Reading In The Worst Way! Statistics Show That Children Who Read His Comic Books Have A High Suicide Rate. Fact not Fiction. He Already Got A Decade To Prove It! Boycott His Foolishness!

Boycott Blue Corn Comics - Rob Schmidt - Studies Native Americans for 20 years.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((((We are not his something out of a comic book))))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really? Statistics show that reading PEACE PARTY leads to suicide?! Yeah, because researchers have nothing better to do than study small self-publishing efforts and their effect on large populations. How stupid can you get?

Why exactly would a comic with a happy ending depress people? Why exactly would a comic with a positive message cause them to commit suicide? It's like saying coloring books, ice cream, or rainbows cause suicide. Asinine is too weak a word for it.

Indians strike back

Because of all these unwarranted attacks, Indians are fighting back. Many have reported him to Facebook for his abusive language. I think chapters of AIM and organizations concerned with Native fraud are investigating him. Someone mentioned a potential lawsuit for libel or slander. (Saying my comic books cause suicide is certainly libelous, but it's too stupid to worry about.)

Here's what Lonehunt's efforts have gotten him:

Report: Dominique Vantell LonehuntReported By: Native American Truth Squad (Pine Ridge South Dakota United States of America)

Dominique Vantell Lonehunt NATIVE CITIZEN NEWS NETWORK, Caribbean Spotlight TV, STREETFUNK TV (this is what are investigation has uncovered to date but there may be more) Black Caribbean Poses as 'Native American' in Attempt to Scam Money & Opportunity from Native American Community Internet.

*UPDATE by author: DOMINIQUE VANTELL 'LONEHUNT' also known as NATIVE CITIZEN NEWS NETWORK--MISREPRESENTS HIS ETHNICITY & Harasses, slanders & threatens regularly the Native American Community.
And:We, the Native American community, are asking all Native Americans and the entire global community to disassociate themselves with Dominique Vantell 'Lonehunt' and leave the Native Citizen News Network fanpage on Facebook immediately.

If you have been slandered by Dominique Vantell Lonehunt and/or Native Citizen News Network please add your comments here and contact us if you would like to file a lawsuit against Dominique Vantell 'Lonehunt' and/or Native Citizen News Network.

See his Facebook profile here: http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001359030247

Note: I corrected a few typos in the Ripoff Report posting.

I still don't know if Lonehunt (i.e., "Lonehunt") is a Native. I think people are assuming he isn't because there's zero evidence he is. Maybe they don't believe anyone this hateful could attack his fellow Natives.

Anyway, the Ripoff Report posting is now the no. 1 hit when you Google Lonehunt. This posting plus that should ensure that criticism of Lonehunt remains prominent as long as search engines are around. In short, you lose, dumbass. When you attack me, you reap what you sow.

For those on Facebook, the Native Citizen News Network page has a "Report Page" link on the lower left. Even if NCNN has blocked you, you can report the page to Facebook. I've done it and I encourage everyone to do it too.


Anonymous said...

I Told You Rob Was A Stalker. All This Slander via Feel A Need For Dramma Trio: Wanbli Tate, Autumn TwoBulls, Rob Schmidt - Comic Book Writer extraordinaire newspaperrock.bluecorncomics.com/2011/02/lonehunt-attacks-indians.html

Anonymous said...

What a load of bullshit... The same rabidness this idiot accuses NCNN of is woven through this piece of phonetic garbage until it's impossible to see any purpose to his ranting other than to slander the individual Dominique Lonehunt. You are a sad little man mr schmidt... A weak pasty coward who would not last a day in one of our native jungles or plains. Your day is coming... You know that sure as you can feel the shaking in your fingers, the pit in your stomach and your weak heart pumping frantically within your flat chest cavity. You have benefited from an experience you nor your ancestors suffered, capitalising off Native pain. Mother Earth does not sleep... She sees you.

Anonymous said...

You are a slanderer Rob Schmidt,your cartoon money is blood money. If you care so much about the plight of Native people, why don't you donate ALL the proceeds to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota...

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the first three anons are the same person. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed over the past several years that claiming Taino has become the latest fad.

It is my understanding that the Taino Indians went extinct back in the mid to late 1700's.

When I was in Puerto Rico I took a tour up to the rain forest with a very nice guide. He talked a little about the Taino Indians and explained their demise. He also mentioned that almost all Puerto Ricans do have some minuscule Taino blood. Makes sense. But, it's been almost 300 years! This claiming Taino is starting to sound like some of those wannabe Cherokee groups. You know the ones that hid out until the coast was clear. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hey found this on a search

Wanbli Tate & Autumn Two Bulls Cyber Slander Execution of Native Citizen News Network

Anonymous said...

I too ran in to this guy " dominque " he is a fake , a fruad , and he is the furthest thinfg from being a FIRST NATION PERSON ...AND DATS DA TRUTH ...SOMEONE SHOULD SCHOOL HIM ON HIS OWN PPL AND THEIR STRUGGLES , AND THAT WOULD BE THE " BLACKS " , BECAUSE HE IS NOT AN " INDIAN " NOT IN ANY WAY !!!!

Rob said...

Do you even know what "stalker" means, Anonymous #1? Let me repeat the facts I stated in this posting:

Lonehunt flamed me for a few days on the NativeCelebs page on Facebook, where I contribute. Then he returned to whatever hidey-hole he came from and I forgot about him.

A couple of weeks ago he suddenly attacked me again. This time it was on the Native Citizen News Network (NCNN) page on Facebook. This page appears to be a faux "network" run primarily or solely by Lonehunt.

Looks like Lonehunt is stalking me, not the other way around.

As for my alleged cowardice, I'm posting under my name while you're hiding behind the veil of anonymity. What are you afraid of, yellow belly? Getting your butt kicked the same way I kicked Lonehunt's?

FYI, my comics aren't about Pine Ridge. They haven't made a profit yet, so there are no proceeds to give. And throwing money at a problem is rarely the best solution. I contribute to long-term solutions by working on PECHANGA.net and writing about the issues.

For more on that subject, see Rob Should Fight Poverty?!

Meanwhile, what have you and Lonehunt done to help anyone? Go ahead and list the donations you've made to Indian reservations and then we'll talk. Be sure to state the specific dates, amounts, and recipients so we can verify you're not lying.

You'll have to reveal your real name, but don't wet your pants thinking about. Just do it and change your diapers afterward. If you're too scared, ask your mommy to list the donations for you. Unlike you, she may be brave enough to face a public butt-kicking.

Anonymous said...

Rob Schmidt Caucasoid europid comic book writer the Native American Specialist. LMFAO

Rob said...

Re "Rob Schmidt Caucasoid europid comic book writer the Native American Specialist": Yes, I specialize in Indians, but I don't claim to be an expert on them. Other than that, what's your point?

At least I don't hide behind anonymity, unlike the cowardly Lonehunt. Nor do I pretend I'm Native when I'm really Afro-Caribbean, as he does.

Thanks for demonstrating how your 3rd-grade writing and thinking skills aren't up to the task of challening me. Better luck next time, losers.

star nayea said...

WOW..Don't I feel special. ;o)
This Lonehunt character chose to attack me as well.. weeeeeeeeeee what short and volatile ride I went on with this jackass!!!!!! Thought it was a chic at first I.E. "Dominique"

He tried to post a random link on my facbook profile page within literally 30 seconds of my accepting his friend request..
When i removed the link, as I caught it right away..I then sent him a message asking him NOT to post something on my profile page without asking me first..He went a lil nuts on me..Calling me "a plastic ndn take a plastic tree shove it up my A$$" etc

Then my dear Friend Chad Locklear advised me to this whole drama..

So I'm actually RELIEVED to know I am not the only one he as bullied ;o) Pray for him HE NEEDS IT...

Rob said...

To everyone else: You can see why I laugh at Lonehunt and his cronies. Their responses are usually rambling if not incoherent, and always fact-free.

Because they have no valid criticisms, they can only posture and whine. Incredibly, they're still bawling like babies because I dared to criticize Lonehunt a year ago. Waaah!

P.S. For more on Lonehunt's ethnicity, see Lonehunt:  Indian or Wannabe?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what tribal Affiliation Wanbli Tate has. He is a fraud and i dont trust him at all and i have dealt with him personally in the past. Big Fraud Wanbli Tate, how did you get your name?

Rob said...

I don't know anything about Wanbli Tate, but that's irrelevant. This posting is about Lonehunt's criticism of me, not of anybody else.