February 02, 2011

Lonehunt:  Indian or wannabe?

Following up on my Lonehunt Attacks Indians posting, there's still no evidence that "Dominique Vantell Lonehunt" (possibly a fictitious name) is anything but a fraud, con man, and huckster. Until he presents a birth certificate, CDIB card, family tree, or other proof of tribal affiliation, there's no reason to believe him and several reasons to doubt him.

Here's one more example of how stupidly sick Lonehunt is: When he attacked me recently, he claimed that I claimed to be the "Native moral police." This was based on nothing more than the posting title (below).

Here's the posting:This Comic Book Writer from Quote NativeCeleb " Rob Schmidt " Says He Is Native Moral Police ?

- > Newspaper Rock: Rob = moral police?!

Answer: No Shit Sherlock ? You Have Been Trying It Like Since 1492 & We Can Use Another European As Native Police World Wide. Please Don't Quit Your Day Job Rob Schmidt & Keep Writing Comic Books ! We Enjoy Your Fantasy Writings " Chief Dirty Bald Head Rob Schmidt "

Commentary by Buckingham Donkey Rider...
For starters, I never used the word "Native" with the phrase "moral police." Lonehunt's false headline implied that I was trying to pass myself off as Native. His equally obtuse followers then savaged me as a fake, a wannabe, etc.

More to the point, Lonehunt ignored the punctuation marks in the phrase "Rob = Moral Police?!" Judging by his juvenile writing style, he may have dropped out of grade school before they taught punctuation. The point Lonehunt so obviously missed: I wasn't claiming to be the moral police. I was disputing the claim made by someone else. But Lonehunt the liar maligned me as if I had declared myself the grand arbiter of all Native moral issues.

It's pretty damn ironic if you think about it. Lonehunt the possible fraud and wannabe attacks everyone else for being frauds and wannabes. Is he projecting much? When your credibility is in question, it's a tried-and-true tactic to attack everyone else's credibility first. Too bad the focus is now firmly on Lonehunt's Native identity or lack thereof.

At the moment, four of the top five Google hits about Lonehunt are questioning his credibility. Let's hope this posting zooms to the top. "Lonehunt: Indian or wannabe?" should be the first question everyone asks when they encounter this attack dog.

For more on the subject, see We Are the World for Natives? and Rob = Moral Police?!

P.S. I hear Lonehunt's Native Citizen News Network is now crying over the "unfair" attacks against them. I guess the poor babies can dish it out but they can't take it. Waaaah!


Rob said...

All the badgering by me and others finally led Lonehunt to disclose his ancestry. Here's what he posted in his usual fractured English:

The Proud Ancient Kalinago Tribe Waitukubuli "Nature Island" www.kalinagobaranaaute.com/culture/ Dominique Vantell Lonehunt's Peoples of The 1st America's. Founded Well Over 1000AD

Breaking News: NCNN Affiliate Dominique Vantell Lonehunt of Kalinago & Iroquois Decent Breaks Scam Ring Wide Open In The America's.

Rob said...

Of course, Lonehunt hasn't documented these claims. And having Native "ancestry" doesn't make one a Native. So the question of whether Lonehunt is an Indian or a wannabe remains unanswered.