May 14, 2011

Navajo Cops on National Geographic Channel

Navajo CopsIn the heart of the American southwest, the 320 cops of the Navajo Police patrol some of the most rugged territory in the United States. These modern day warriors are on a mission to protect the largest Indian reservation in North America, and to preserve an ancient way of life. They must deal with big city crime like gangs, drugs, murders, and human trafficking while also protecting wildlife, cultural landmarks, and endangered archaeological sites. On a landscape straight out of the Wild West, they even square off against the supernatural, as they investigate attacks by beings with supernatural powers known as Skinwalkers.Comment: Sounds like this special covers the same ground as Hillerman's Leaphorn/Chee mysteries, including the PBS movies.

For more on the subject, see Houma Hunters in Swamp People and Native Documentaries and News.

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