May 12, 2011

Oneida Nation gives another $1 million to NMAI

Oneida Indian Nation donates $1 million to Museum of the American Indian

By Matt PowersOneida Nation Representative and CEO of Nation Enterprises Ray Halbritter and members of the Nation’s Council presented a $1 million check to Kevin Gover, director of the Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning.

The OIN made a $10 million pledge in 2004 and has given $7 million since that time. The money goes into general funds for the museum.

“Even during difficult economic times, we understand that preserving our history and teaching future generations about our past remains our most solemn responsibility,” said Halbritter.

Gover said the museum would not exist without the generosity of people across the country.
Oneida Indian Nation presents $1 million donation to National Museum of the American Indian

By Alaina PotrikusFounded in 1846 and now the world’s largest museum and research complex—with 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and nine research facilities—the Smithsonian, with its reputation and longevity, will be a strong component of the tribe’s goal of public education, Gover said.

“We can use it to tell a different story—a new, more complete story than has been told to the American people in the past,” he said.

“That ignorance and misunderstanding almost always works to the disadvantage of Indian tribes,” Gover continued. “Resolving that by filling out the narrative is a service we can provide to the Indian people.”

The museum’s fourth floor, which was named for the Oneida Nation’s donation, is home to a 19-foot bronze sculpture depicting an Oneida leader and an Oneida woman, Polly Cooper, along with George Washington is titled “Allies in War, Partners in Peace.”
Comment:  For more on the NMAI, see NMAI Plans "Complete Reinstallation" and NMAI = Greatest Story Never Told.

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