May 09, 2011

"Geronimo" counseling for Indians offered

'Geronimo' use in bin Laden mission prompts group to offer counseling

By Kim Kozlowski"Geronimo's name shouldn't be used in a context like that," said Nickole Fox, director of health education at American Indian Health & Family Services, which is offering the service. "He's a hero among a lot of Native people. It's disrespectful to use his name like that."

Now, American Indian Health & Family Services in Detroit is calling on anyone who needs to talk about the continued use of Native heroes in a negative context to come in.
For more on the subject, see Obama:  Bin Laden Was "Geronimo," Advocates Criticize Codename at Hearing, and Apaches Demand Apology for Codename.

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dmarks said...

Interesting. What's worse, this or Chief Wahoo? I wonder if this agency announces such counseling for other stereotype issues and usages.