May 09, 2011

Bin Laden, Geronimo, and King

A black columnist continues to apologize for the US military's racist choice of a terrorist codename.

What bin Laden, Geronimo shared

By Clarence PageNative American leaders are upset that Geronimo's name was used as code for Osama bin Laden. I respect their concern, but I don't think this particular reference is the insult tribal leaders think it is.

Quite the opposite, it sounds to me like a salute to the Apache warrior's leadership genius and his tribe's organizational success.

To understand why, do what they do at the supersecret U.S. Joint Special Operations Command that oversees Navy SEAL Team Six, the commandos who found bin Laden: Look past the obvious differences between Geronimo and bin Laden and examine what they shared in common.

Each was a charismatic, leader-by-example of a decentralized organizational structure that long-stymied much mightier and formally organized armies. The Apache style of organization—shared power, nimble execution, motivated by leaders who led by example more than by command—enabled Geronimo and earlier Apache leaders to hold off the mighty Spanish and United States armies for 200 years, long after the great Inca and Aztec civilizations fell.
Comment:  "Look past the obvious differences between Geronimo and bin Laden and examine what they shared in common," writes Page. Yeah, if you overlook the whole mass-murderer thing, the comparison is an honor. Get with the program, people!

I hope this black columnist will write about bin Laden's similarities to Martin Luther King Jr. next. Leader of a religious movement, righteous belief in his cause, certainty that God was on his side, hatred of US imperialism, famous for his speeches, multiple wives and girlfriends, assassination target, etc.

This comparison would show America's respect for MLK Jr. It would be an honor too!

Columnist is daydreaming

Again, we have someone fantasizing about the US's motivation with zero evidence. Page's theory is a variation of the "elusive" theory I trashed in Mission Named "Geronimo," Not Target?

The same reasoning applies there and here. You can't separate bin Laden's "organizational structure" from his reign of terror. It's ridiculous to claim people will overlook the primary association and skip to a secondary association--one known only to insiders. Most people will think of his terrorism, not his management skills, when they think of "Geronimo."

News flash: Next terrorist to be codenamed "Mussolini." Mussolini made trains run on time. Terrorist made bombs blow up on time. Same thing!

No one would think of associating Mussolini with Nazis, fascists, or a world war, right? Mussolini, King, bin Laden, and Geronimo all successfully managed organizations. They kept their groups running on time. We could use each of them as a codename for the other because they're so interchangeable. Because they're so similar, right?

Which is why we should name the next terrorist "George Washington." Washington led rebellious forces against an established regime using unconventional, hit-and-run tactics. He was just like Geronimo and bin Laden.

And he destroyed a series of Seneca towns, which makes him even more like bin Laden. So "Washington" it is for the next mass-murdering terrorist.

News flash: Obama says he wants to be codenamed "Watermelon." "It's a robust, appetizing food," said the Watermelon-in-Chief. "I think people will overlook its association with racist black stereotyping."

Get the message yet, Page? Or should I continue?

For more on the subject, see Obama:  Bin Laden Was "Geronimo" and Alternatives to "Geronimo" Codename.

Below:  The next codename for an America-hating religious fanatic?

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