May 16, 2013

"Apache" shot Reagan during filming

A story about filming the TV series Death Valley Days, with Ronald Reagan as the host, in 1964:

Reagan accidentally shot by 'Apache' during filming

By Bill DonovanMartin Link, who was director of the Navajo museum at the time, said he remembers that quite well because Reagan made the front pages of papers all over the world because of his encounter with one Navajo during the filming of that episodes.

Reagan was an Army officer in that episode and Navajos were hired to play Apaches--something that happened quite often in those days. In the scene, Reagan's troop was supposed to be fighting the Apaches and bullets, arrows and lances were flying all over the place.

Of course, the bullets were blanks but the arrows and lances were real and the "Apaches" were told that they were to keep all of these dangerous objects away from Reagan and the other "soldiers."

Of course, something happened and Reagan was hit in the leg with either a lance or an arrow and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital to be treated, said Link. It turned out to be a minor wound and Reagan was not in any real danger of losing his life but the story got a lot of play in the media because of Reagan's popularity.
Comment:  For more on Ronald Reagan and Indians, see Thoughts on Casino Jack Documentary and Guatemalan Dictator Charged with Genocide.

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