May 22, 2013

Cherokee Nation helps tornado victims

Cherokee Nation Lends Support for Moore Tornado VictimsThe Cherokee Nation has offered immediate and ongoing support to victims in the Moore area, following yesterday's devastating tornadoes. The Cherokee Nation's emergency management team is organizing tribal resources and is on standby for further direction from those managing the crisis that continues to unfold in central Oklahoma.

“Words simply cannot describe how heartbreaking the scene in Moore and the surrounding area is, and will continue to be,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker.

"Our hearts, minds and prayers are with all those affected by this terrible tragedy, especially the two dozen victims and their families, a number which includes at least nine innocent children. The Cherokee Nation is in constant contact with emergency management teams in the area, and we have offered every available resource to assist with rescue, recovery and ongoing support. Teams of volunteers, including the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service, first responders, Cherokee Nation employees and our Cherokee Nation Businesses entities, are ready and standing by. However great the need, it will be met. We stand committed to our fellow Oklahomans and will do everything in our power to help lift them up during this time of immense tragedy. As our neighbors in central Oklahoma begin to rebuild, our support will not waver as we look forward, together, to brighter days for all."

The Cherokee Nation will deploy at the discretion of emergency management teams in the area and will be notifying Cherokee citizens and employees of ways to help.
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Anonymous said...

The tornado has already been all over Twitter. Mostly Anons asking for donations and everyone commenting on how (to Inhofe) this is totally not like Sandy.

Rob said...

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