May 17, 2013

Mirabal performs with string quartet

Ethel with Robert Mirabal bring Native American sounds to SA

By Kathleen PettyNew York–based postclassical string quartet Ethel joins Grammy Award–winning Native American flutist Robert Mirabal this weekend for a show at the Carver Community Cultural Center. Violinist Kip Jones, who joined the quartet just more than a year ago, chatted with us before their trip to the Alamo City and says they’ll use music throughout the show to translate a tale to the audience. “We’re not going to tell stories in so many words, but the pieces of music we play are very descriptive and very narrative,” he says. “People can expect to have something to latch onto in every moment of the show.”

The concert won’t be a traditional string quartet performance, Jones says, nor will it be a traditional Native American performance. Instead, the blend of the two styles on one stage will bring a mix of slow, deep jams and upbeat tunes, as well as a bit of improvisation that will have the audience feeling like they’re a part of the show. “People come expecting one thing and they leave having experienced something else and it’s totally cool,” he says. “People are pleased to see how Native American flute playing can evolve into something else.”
Comment:  For more on Indians and classical music, see Osage Ballet Wahzhazhe and Tate's Music Expresses Native Pride.

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