May 23, 2013

Aub's Unique Barber Shop

Bad-boy barber converts shed into barbershop, mancave

By Cindy YurthA large-screen TV fills one corner of the one-room building. A basketball hoop hangs on the edge of the loft. A collage of scantily clad women plasters the ceiling.

Is this a barbershop or a man cave?

It's both, and it's the most creative use we've seen yet for the portable buildings that are springing up all over the Navajo Nation like mushrooms after a rain (see accompanying story).

Aubrey "Aubs" Dahozy calls his shop south of the Fort Defiance hospital "Aub's Unique Barber Shop," and that is no exaggeration.
Comment:  For more on Navajo business, see Navajo Tattoo Artist and Navajo Architect Faces Sexism.

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