May 26, 2013

Hub released on DVD

Thirteen Part Native Program, "THE HUB" Released on DVD"THE HUB," a ground-breaking, thirteen-part television series about the best and brightest in Indian country's arts and entertainment scene is now out on DVD.

Broadcast on FNX TV, First Nations Experience, and presented by the young, dynamic trio of presenters, Martin Sensmeier, Shayna Jackson and Blake Sisk, the show takes the audience to meet an array of Indian country's biggest stars: Virgil Ortiz, Adam Beach, Michelle Thrush, Ryan Red Corn, Howie Miller, Chris Eyre, Steven Paul Judd, Georgina Lightning, Zahn McClarnon to name a few.

It's directed by the International award winning Scottish movie director Steven Lewis Simpson, whose credits include the love story/thriller "Rez Bomb" set on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the feature documentary "A Thunder-Being Nation" made over thirteen years about Pine Ridge.
Comment:  For more on Simpson's work, see Pine Ridge Gets Media Attention and My Interview with Steven Lewis Simpson.

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