May 19, 2013

Shocker: White people died!

This cartoon sums up the "war on terrorism"...our reactions to crime and violence...not to mention our attitudes toward health and welfare spending. Indeed, one could say it sums up most of America's racial history--or America's history since 1492, period. In short, dead brown people don't matter.

For more on the subject, see Dead Indians Irrelevant to Reagan and Boston Bombing Triggers Islamophobia.

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Anonymous said...

So many good posts to comment on: this is exactly why I the whole 2 American troops killed today fails to move me much. What about the people who live there? I've gotten into arguments about this on the Daily Kos.
Same with the Sandy Hook shooting.
The only reason is was seen as a tragedy is because the victims were white middle class kids. (Yes, I did think it was horrendous, at the same time wondering why Americans aren't outraged by drone attacks.