May 08, 2013

Radio marathon for Comanche codetalkers

Radio marathon honors Comanche code talker history

By Ty AlbinWhen U.S. soldiers landed several miles off of Utah Beach during World War II's Normandy invasion on D-Day, Comanche code talker Larry Saupitty was there. He sent the first message back to Allied Forces in a code based on the Comanche language, telling command they had made a good landing but in the wrong place.

Comanche soldiers all from within a few miles of Lawton were vital to the secrecy of the effort against the Axis powers. On Wednesday, Victory in Europe Day, the Comanche Nation Museum, the Lawton-Fort Sill Amateur Radio Club and the Eisenhower Middle School Amateur Radio Club chose to honor the Comanche code talkers by starting a four-day amateur radio marathon during which they will contact people all over the world via short wave radio and tell the code talkers' story.

The radio enthusiasts are broadcasting from a mobile unit set up behind the museum.

"It's an excellent opportunity to tell the Comanche code talker story," said Candy Morgan, director of marketing and public programs for the museum.
Comment:  For more on codetalkers, see Charles Bronson in Never So Few and Japanese Photographer Specializes in Codetalkers.

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