May 12, 2010

Cherikee Red soda

Another good catch from Native Appropriations on Facebook:

Random Appropriation of the Day ("Cherikee Red" Soda)Cause we all know that changing the "o" to an "i" in Cherokee makes it all ok and not racist, right?

Feast your eyes on Cherikee Red, a cherry flavored soda available (yes, in 2010) in the great states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Besides the appropriation of the Cherokee name and the fantastically insensitive connection to the word "red" (redskin, anyone?), do I have to point it out again?

Dear world, Cherokees don't wear plains style warbonnets. Never have. Just because "Cherokee" seems to be the only tribe that 95% of the US knows doesn't mean that we wear the same traditional regalia as the tribes represented in westerns. Just an FYI.
Comment:  Since this is a cherry soda, "Cherikee" is apparently a play on "cherry." But the Native appropriation is still stereotypical and wrong.

For more on the subject, see Teepees in Koff Beer Ad and The Big Chief.

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