November 08, 2010

Chippewa/Blackfeet fighter on Ultimate Fighter

From warrior to fighter: Dane ‘Red Horse’ Sayers

By Wilhelm MurgDane “Red Horse” Sayers, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewas/Blackfeet, is an up and coming Mixed Martial Arts fighter currently featured on Spike TV’s reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter.” The show features two camps of fighters who live together for the duration of the show, bringing in the drama of a typical reality TV show, complete with interviews, but during the second half two fighters are pitted against each other for what usually turns out to be a grueling match.

Sayers was one of 28 men picked from an initial group of 600, each time they cut people from the list he was flown to another city where Spike executives would look at his fighting style and his personality.
Comment:  For more on Natives and martial arts, see Commission Shopping for Mixed Martial Arts and Update on "Aztec Martial Art."

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