October 02, 2009

Aboriginal designers at BC Fashion Week

Aboriginal designers keeps the lights on at BC Fashion WeekSpence's Rev/Evo line is far from the average tourist's take on First Nations fashion, or the more familiar West Coast red-and-white Haida-style art that might come to most Canadians' minds.

Hailing from the Interior region of B.C., which has an entirely different history and esthetic than the coastal peoples of the province, she said she's inspired by the animals that play such a vital role in Interior native culture--but thoroughly contemporary.

"It has to be going forward, ahead. Don't get me wrong, I love the traditional aspect. That's where I come from--that's my culture--but also it's about forging forward, changing and moving with the times."

Tracy Toulouse brought her Swirling Wind Designs from Sagamok, Ont., and wasn't fazed by the abrupt end to the runway show.

She ended with a triumphant victory cheer with her fellow designers--including Linda Kay Peters of Ringing Bell Robes, Gloria Cardinal of Cedar&Berry and Shannon Kilroy of Earthline--and thanked them for ensuring the show went on.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see 2nd Annual First Nations Fashion Show and Native Designers at Fashion Week.

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