October 11, 2009

Native saint due to flesh-eating bacteria?

Boy's recovery from flesh-eating bacteria could lead to American Indian saint canonization

Finkbonner family prayed when Jake had flesh-eating bacteria

By Kie Relyea[I]f the Vatican decrees that Jake Finkbonner's survival is a miracle that can be attributed to Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha's help, they also will be bound by the canonization of the first American Indian saint in the Catholic Church.

Elsa Finkbonner certainly believes her 9-year-old son's victory over necrotizing fasciitis is miraculous.

"There is no doubt in my mind that he is a miracle. He had everything going against him. There was a whole grocery list of things that should have happened against him, and he defied all of them," said Finkbonner, a Sandy Point resident.

What the Vatican will decide is whether Jake's recovery is a miracle that is beyond the explanation of medicine and that can be attributed to the intercession on his behalf by Blessed Kateri, who was born to an Algonquin mother and Mohawk father in 1656 near what is today Auriesville, N.Y.
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