August 18, 2010

Aboriginal kiosk at tourism center

Aboriginal Tourism Association basks in Olympic afterglow

By Derrick PennerThe Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia launched its latest campaign Wednesday to improve the visibility and increase sales for its products with the opening of a dedicated kiosk in Tourism Vancouver’s downtown headquarters.

It is the first of what the association hopes will be four dedicated centres in "strategic-gateway" locations to extend the spotlight cast on the aboriginal tourism sector during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

"The 2010 Olympic Games gave us such exposure [and] these are some of the things we’re trying to do now to build off the [Olympics]," association CEO Keith Henry said in an interview.

And with the kiosk, the association hopes to direct some of the 6,000 visitors a week who come through the Tourism Vancouver centre toward aboriginal attractions.
Comment:  Native information kiosks at tourism centers or airports are a good idea. Let's put them up anywhere there's a significant concentration of Natives--e.g., Arizona or Oklahoma.

For more on the Olympics outcome, see Native Buzz at 2010 Olympics. For more on Native tourism, see Tahlequah as Art Destination, New Four Corners Monument, and Native Plymouth Tours.

Below:  "The Aboriginal Tourism Association of B.C. opened a kiosk in Tourism Vancouver’s downtown headquarters at 200 Burrard St. on Wednesday." (Jon Murray/PNG)

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