August 25, 2010

Mi’kmaq chief in Plains headdress

Donald Marshall Sr. forever remembered in Membertou

By Erin PottieThe same sculptor who chiselled the marble carvings of aboriginal heroes Chief Sitting Bull and Chief Red Cloud, has created a likeness of a long-standing Cape Breton Mi’kmaq leader.

Strong and pensive, muted and sturdy, a bust to depict the late Donald Marshall Sr. was unveiled Wednesday at a dedication ceremony in his home community of Membertou.

The Mi’kmaq leader was the grand chief of the Mi’kmaq in Atlantic Canada for 27 years until his death in 1991.
Comment:  I don't particularly care if Marshall was a revered Mi’kmaq leader. The headdress on the statue looks like a stereotype to me.

For more on the subject, see Kiowa Gordon in a Headdress and Q'orianka Kilcher in a Headdress.

Below:  "Caroline Marshall of Membertou stands solemnly near the statue of her late husband Grand Chief Donald Marshall Sr., during a dedication ceremony in Membertou on Wednesday." (Erin Pottie/Cape Breton Post)

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