August 23, 2010

Indians rally against Bloomberg

Oneidas protest Bloomberg’s ‘cowboy’ comments in NYCMembers of the Oneida Indian Nation were among those rallying on the steps of New York’s City Hall on Monday protesting comments made by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Two weeks ago, the mayor had urged Gov. David Paterson to “get yourself a cowboy hat and a shotgun” and enforce the state cigarette tax law that hasn’t been enforced for years.

On Friday, the Oneida Indian Nation called Bloomberg’s phrasing “offensive and hurtful” to Native Americans, who in many cases were driven off their land across America during a series of battles in the 19th century.

Oneida Nation Representative Ray Halbritter said Bloomberg’s imagery was as distasteful to his tribe as if someone urged Nazis to take action against Jews.
Comment:  As with the Dudesons protests, I'm not sure this is the best way to actually change Bloomberg's mind. But it's a great way to show America that Indians aren't going to take racism and stereotyping any more.

For more on the subject, see Senecas Denounce Bloomberg's Remarks and Bloomberg Suggests Shooting Senecas.

Below:  "Representatives of Native American tribes and organizations call on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to apologize for racially insensitive remarks he made on John Gambling's Aug. 13 radio show. Local Onieda Nation members joined Monday's rally on the steps of City Hall." (Bryan Smith/N.Y. Daily News)


Anonymous said...

I notice DMARKS is hiding out and staying silent on this one!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he is tired of or ran out of calling Bloomberg liberal names and does not want to hear that at least some Jews hate on Indians.

dmarks said...

I just now noticed this item. Are you gearing up for some more goose-stepping.

As for Bloomberg, a liberal Democrat who only registered as a Republican as a trick to win the NYC election, Wikipedia says "On domestic issues, Bloomberg is a liberal compared to the country as a whole."

We do differ greatly on Bloomberg. To you, he is bad first and foremost because he is Jewish. To me he is bad for his specific actions.

You are the one bashing him for being Jewish. Even Ray Halbritter was able to make his point, mentioning Jews without being antisemitic.

Unlike you, he did not engage in forms of Holocaust denial, or voice the "rich Jew" stereotype.

Your racism knows no bounds. We do recall your comments about the entire Najavo nation that would have fit in coming from George Custer's mouth. In fact, your racism against Natives has been more focused than that against Jews.

Rob said...

I haven't seen anything objectionable from DMarks recently. And at least he signs his name consistently. You should know how I feel about anonymous commenters by now.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you are talking about dmarks. You have me confused with someone else!
And as for signing his name, that is not an indication of intelligence but appeasement for you Rob.