August 23, 2010

DJs lampooned Makah whalers

We get e-mail:Ran into a particularly heinous stereotype some time ago. Local radio station would do little skits on the news of the day, at that time the Makah Whale Hunt. The DJ who apparently wrote the skit, Johnny Manson (a vile little creep if ever there were one), obviously hates Natives...well, anyone not white. I'd already warned the station once before about their Native stereotyping (don't remember the details now), but this skit was over the top...featured "Natives" in a Three-Stooges style behavior, "Light Cloud" and "Little Feather" talking about being drunk, using shotguns instead of harpoons, which was not "traditional"—"tradition, schmadition, I just want me some of that blubbah!!!!" I recorded it, as they were dumb enough to play it several more times over a few days. I wrote a letter and CC'd it to every tribe on the Washington Coast, and warned the station I was doing so. Soon, the DJ was no longer employed there. BUT...the other DJ, Pat Anderson, should have at least been reprimanded, since he was in on the sketch, as well.The e-mailer adds:It was KDUX FM in Aberdeen, WA. I'd e-mailed the station director once before about racist skits...another was a CK One spoof, "The Scent of Juan," about how you could sniff out those filthy illegal Mexicans.Comment:  For previous radio controversies, see DJs Whoop Over Running Bear and NCAI Denounces Radio Jocks.

Below:  The controversial Makah whale hunt of 2008.

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