August 24, 2010

"9/11 mosque" = "devil worship"

In one of many attempts to summarize the prejudice against the Ground Zero community center ("mosque"), I posted the following notes on Facebook:"9/11 mosque" = "death panels" = "Swift Boat" = Monica Lewinsky = damn hippies = Red scare.

They (the socialist One-World brown-skins) are coming to get us (the white Christian freedom-lovers). Somehow they elected one of their own (Hussein Obama) and are now implementing their devilish agenda.

I presume American Indians--the original socialist One-World brown-skins who attacked white Christian freedom-lovers--are in on the plot.

Where's Joseph McCarthy when you need him? He'd be able to ferret out the terrorist sleeper agents and terror babies threatening America. You betcha!

I could go on, but I trust you get the point. This is the same bigotry Columbus brought to the "New World." The message is even the same: "They worship something strange and incomprehensible. Kill the devil worshipers before they corrupt, degrade, and destroy us!"
For more on the subject, see Time's "Brief History of Intolerance" and Yesterday's Cherokees = Today's Muslims.

Below:  A savage, devil-worshiping terrorist, according to many Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Especially hilarious considering the God Muslims pray to is the EXACT same God Christians worship. People like to conveniently forget that the Koran is based off he bible (which is really just a rewrite of the Torah). But I guess acknowledging that would make it hard to ignorantly oppose people for being "different".