August 14, 2010

Pueblo pot-shaped chocolates

Santa Fe Indian Market:  A chocolate tribute:  Candy maker's edible replicas of 19th-century pots pay sweet homage to Pueblo designsChocolates molded in the shape of Pueblo Indian pots were on display Friday as Santa Fe's oldest candy maker showed off a new product with the sponsor of next week's 89th annual Indian Market.

Senor Murphy Candymaker unveiled the edible replicas of 19th-century pots from Acoma, San Ildefonso, Zuni and Kewa (formerly Santo Domingo) pueblos at a Friday news conference for the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts.
Comment:  For more on Pueblo pottery, see "Frozen" Comic Books and Pueblo Art, Ortiz's Home Decor Line, and 21st-Century Pottery.

Below:  The chocolates look something like this, except made of chocolate.

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