May 05, 2010

Wisconsin governor signs mascot bill

Doyle signs Indian mascot bill

By Jackie JohnsonGovernor Jim Doyle signs legislation into law that’s gotten a lot of attention as of late—whether Wisconsin public schools should continue using Native American mascots, team names and logos.

Doyle had recently said, “I think Native American people legitimately have a beef, at times, with what mascots are and how they’re depicted.” But Doyle was quick to add that not all mascots are discriminatory, although some do perpetuate Indian stereotypes.

Doyle says if it’s used with pride, a local tribe agrees with its use, and it has educational value, then let it be.
Doyle's standard is a reasonable one. Since no Indian mascot that I've seen has any educational value, that should eliminate such mascots.

But there's this:

Gov. Doyle Signs Native American Mascot BillSchool district residents will be allowed to object to race-based names, nicknames, logos and mascots. The state superintendent will decide whether a hearing is warranted.

If the superintendent holds a hearing and finds the use promotes discrimination or stereotyping, he or she must order the school board to drop its use within a year. Districts could get extensions up to another year if they can show compliance would create a financial burden.
Score one for the Wisconsin kids who opposed Indian mascots. Once again we see how activism leads to change.

You can bet mascot supporters won't "get over it," as they're always telling mascot foes to do. Instead, the crybabies will call for local votes, file lawsuits and appeals, and otherwise stall the process. Anything to keep their pet poodle Indian in captivity where he belongs!

For more on the subject, see and Team Names and Mascots.

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